Steven Horner - Testimonials

Steve was awesome for us.

This was first time buying a home. He basically held my hand through the entire process. If you want an easy process with someone who makes sure he takes care of his clients from beginning to end Steve is your agent. He is highly recommended Thanks Steve for all your help and our new home

Dany L

Steven Horner provided excellent service.

He was available, prompt, and courteous. He helped us get the perfect home for our family. Steven answered all of our questions, and he helped us through every step of the process. I would highly recommend him if you're looking for a realtor.

Sarah & Jay Braymer

Let's start off by establishing that my wife and I were first time buyers, and were extremely critical of who we trusted to help us.

We also were moving from out-of-state to Orlando, and were still learning the areas of the city. We took Steven a list of properties we thought fit our needs/wants and from that he created a larger list that we were able to sort through and schedule properties visits. Steven took us to a "realtor pick" (we had full trust in realtor picks) that was a property that was going on the market the next day, and that ended up being the house we chose. So have fun; trust the realtor picks! If you are first time home buyer or are moving to the area from out-of-state and are looking for a trustworthy, honest realtor then look no further than Steven. He will teach and help you navigate the waterways of a purchase including negotiation and closing.

Devan & Ciara B

The agent that helped us find our new home was the most helpful, patient, understanding person (Steve Horner).

He kept in touch with us for over a year prior to us moving here to Florida. He goes the extra mile by keeping in touch with us to see if we need anything, being that fact that we are new to the area. I would highly recommend Steve to anyone wanting to find a new home.

Pat & Ray Mattos

We were first time home buyers and we were getting passed over by multiple realtors because of this issue.

My wife and myself were very discouraged about the whole home buying process to the point we were going to give up. I finally got fed up and saw a listing and thought to myself I will do everything myself, well I called the listing agent and they returned my phone call with Steven Horner. At this point mind you I was already frustrated with the process and was up front with Steven and asked him outright if he would take the time and show us houses and he agreed. Not only did he show us houses pretty much to our schedule but the one and only time he couldn't make it he had one of his partners show us a listing in case it was a house we really wanted to make a offer on. Steven did his job to the T, and educated us (he is very knowledgeable in realty). It was clear that he was going to take the time, and actually wanted to make a sale at the same time. We were not just another customer to him. He NEVER once made us to feel we were beneath him like a lot of realtors can come off. He even followed up with us once we did find the house we loved. We know we didn't make a mistake on our home purchase because he allowed us to take the time to look. Steven helped us set up everything from the home inspection to even getting documents all settled from the bank, he pretty much almost did the banking for my bank Navy Federal who dragged their feet, but Steven was very persistent in all aspects of getting us closed and in our first home. First time home buyers, if your really serious about purchasing. Steven and his team the Aridas Group are the best ones to start with. When we decide to upgrade and/or move into another home my wife and I can safely say we will be looking to Steven and the Aridas Team.

Jeffrey & Jana Camelo

Steven's my dude.

He stuck with me through 2.5 years of my search for a house. When my preferences bounced from multi-family homes to investment properties to single-family homes and back again, Steven was right there with me. He's super patient, ridiculously accommodating, and a fantastic guide through the complicated world of real estate. Steven gave me a gift for my wedding and a phenomenal house-warming gift for the long-awaited closing day! Steven's the agent I'll call whenever I need one. He's the only agent I'll ever recommend.

Jeremy & Amber Shinall

Steven Horner & The Aridas Team are exceptional associates.

He helped guide us through our home buying process. When we asked to look at properties he always responded timely and usually threw in one we had not considered. When we told him we wanted to avoid certain areas and then asked to see homes in that area he didn't bat an eye. When I apologized for not being clearer on what we were looking for he told me not to worry about it, it's part of the job. When I suggested that I might have to settle for less than I wanted he said I just needed to be patient and I would find the house that was right for me. I would definitely recommend Steven to prospective buyers

Michael & Ruby A.

Can't say enough good things about Steven Horner.

Always available and pre active in helping us find our home in Orlando. As we are new to this area, we relied on his suggestions and advice. Never once let us down. He was there from the beginning of our search through to the end of closing with a lot of excellent suggestions. Highly recommend.

Steve & Dorine Neilsen

Fantastic experience.

We had very specific criteria for our new home and so it it took us a year to find what we wanted. Steven was so patient and easy going through the whole process. We looked at so many houses and never felt like it was an inconvenience or felt any pressure to make a decision. We thought we wanted one house, put an offer, changed our minds, he didn't flinch, "No Problem!". Had some hiccups with inspection issues and financing/closing dates on the house we eventually bought "No Problem!". We were so glad to have him help us navigate through all the various issues. Talked to friends and co-workers who had awful realtor experiences, not us! Highly reccomended. A+

Matt & Amy Hinely

Moving from Indiana to Orlando in our retirement years was a major investment in every way.

We knew no realtors in this area and we needed someone we could trust. So, we contacted a Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider several years in advance to help steer us through the process. This is how we came to know Steven. Eventhough we had not yet met face to face, Steven was diligent in providing us information and data during this time. He continually followed through for us. Thus began a lasting relationship that continues today nearly two years after the purchase of our home. If you are looking for a realtor who is a "sage on the stage" pushing you in one direction or the other because they think they know what is best for you, then call someone else. But, if you would rather have a "guide on the side" that informs, advises, and lets you lead the process, Steven is your man. He will be there for you all the way. Steven does not just possess the qualities of a great realtor, he enbodies the characteristics of a great person. That is why today we call Steven a trusted friend.

Stan & Ruth Ann

So yes, I was that home buyer who randomly decided to sell my house and buy new construction which had to close by EOY in October.

My house was no where near ready to be put on the market and I had an incredibly tight timeline along with various challenges along the way with the other parties representation. Though it came down to literally the last day of the year, Steven made it happen. He came highly recommended from a friend and now I know why.

Randi D

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